I ranked all the films and shows I've ever analyzed

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Straight forward ranking video of 40 different films and TV shows that I have made video essays on in the past two years of this channel. Placing them all into a top 40 list. Every analysis: from Coraline, to Groundhog Day. The Breakfast Club, to Avatar, to Spirited Away, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Godfather; everything is reviewed and ranked.

My Little Thought Tree is my channel for drawing out the deeper meaning and emotion in film, TV, and the world at large through relaxed, analytical video essays. I am a professional counsellor and often draw on my psychology and therapy background to better understand characters, themes, and emotion in fiction. I upload every Saturday and occasionally on Tuesdays, if I'm feeling productive.

The Lord of the Rings | breakdown of the darkest scene -
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